KME has been making various drysuit models for military customers since 1987, when we were awarded a contract to manufacture U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer drysuits for use on helicopter insertion rescue missions at sea.

KME-MK-12-A Drysuit: Made to U.S. Navy specs for use with the MK-12 air hat diving system

KME manufactures the second generation MK-12 System Drysuits for allied navies that have inherited the MK-12 diving system from the U.S. Navy.


KME-MK-12-A Coveralls: MK-12 System Coveralls, Navy, Army and commercial models

KME manufactures the second generation (MK-12-A) diving system coveralls for The US Navy, US Army, and allied navies that have inherited the MK-12 system from the U.S. Navy

We also make a modified version of the MK-12-A Coverall for the U.S. Army divers and a "stripped" version (no weight pockets on legs) that is used as Chaffing gear by some units of U.S. Navy, as well as commercial divers.


KME-MK-V: Authentic replica of the US NAVY MK-V dress, made with modern materials for long life and comfort

The last original MK-V diving dresses were manufactured by DESCO in 1964 as far as our research has been

able to find. The waterproof barrier between two sheets of cotton twill fabric was a layer of live natural gum rubber which was not vulcanized. After these many years that gum rubber layer has "dry rotted" into a white powder in most of the remaining MK-V dresses, although there are, surprisingly, a few of the old original

dresses that KME has been asked to restore that can be repaired well enough to dive again.

The movie "Men of Honor" rented five original MK-V dresses and KME was commissioned to recondition them.  After restoring

all the vulcanized rubber breast plate gaskets and wrist seals, we were able to get two dresses to the point that they were dry enough to dive. Oddly, the worst leaking dresses was one that came to KME packed in its original military shipping box,

still powder covered and sealed in heavy waxed paper.


                                                                                        "VIC" after the dresses first dive.


KME manufactures commercial working dresses for all types of Hard Hat or "DEEP SEA" helmets, using modern materials. Due to many requests by the Navy, Army, tourist attractions, and hobby divers, KME, working

with our material suppliers, has developed a "look alike" or replica MK-V dress for diving.  We also make a not diveable "Jake" display model.

This MK-V dress is constructed  using the same strict specifications as the KME-6600 commercial hard hat dress.

The suit material is 1/8" (3 mm) thick neoprene foam sheet with fabric on both sides.   KME special orders this material with white Polyester fabric outside and nylon super heavy weave fabric inside. The outside white finish is as near to the look of the old cotton dresses, as it is possible to get with modern long lasting materials. The super heavy weave nylon inside eliminates the stretch, normally associate with neoprene suits, to a minimum,

yet allows much more flexibility than the old cotton material.

The knee pads, elbow pads and the leg lace attachments are made of polyester to insure long life. They are made to size and placed on the dress to comply with original U.S. Navy specifications.

The breast plate gasket in the KME MK-V Dress is vulcanized black natural rubber, molded as specified for the original dresses.

Wrist seals can be ordered in three types: original Molded Rubber (authentic, from DESCO), Latex (looks close to authentic, but very fragile and relatively short lived) and Neoprene (most comfortable, can be sized to fit, seals well and has long life).

The patterns used by KME are the same as the world famous (but no longer manufactured) "Yokohama" commercial dress which is slightly larger than the Navy specified patterns. The sizes are not enough larger to change your MK- V size when ordering. MK-V dresses are available, on order, in sizes 1 through 5 and custom

sizing is available at an extra cost.

The only thing that KME changes on the MK-V dress is the feet. The old stiff, heavy reinforced feet are replaced with a foot that still looks authentic except for a protective sole on the bottom of the foot. The standard size is men's # 13 (SXL), but smaller sizes can be special ordered at no extra cost.

DRESSING INTO MK-V   Links you to Army Divers and Navy training films on dressing into MK-V diving gear.

                                The MK-V Dress in the U S Army Corps of Engineers Diving Unit educational vidio

                                is the modern KME MK-V Dress.



      KME also supplies weight belts, boots, navy diving knives, pins, caps, etc. from DESCO and MORSE.

      For "Jakes", KME makes light DESCO or MORSE authentic looking weights cast in urethane and

      colored to look like lead either as replacements or as parts on specification leather belts.

KME-MK-V Chaffing Pants: Original MK-V chaffing pants, both "old" and "new" styles