KME has been involved in manufacturing high-tech dive rescue equipment for professional rescue teams since 1985. From drysuits to waterproof equipment bags, BCDs, harnesses and other specialized equipment, we can set you up with a full rescue package. We've worked with professional rescue divers for years to design job-specific gear that meets the rigorous standards and unique needs of the rescue diver. Please contact us to discuss your professional rescue equipment needs and we'll be happy to provide more information and prices.


The model is the late John "Jack" Lewis, the "Father of Public Services Rescue" programs in Alaska and the Western States,

know as ASAP (Arctic, SUB-ARCTIC PARA-RESCUE). He trained a teaching team and gained NAUI recognization as a

specialty all phases rescue course.  The gear shown was designed by him and manufactured to his specifications by KME.

From left to right: ASAP rescue diver Jack Lewis in the EXP-600-PD wearing the R-92-A Rescue Harness and holding the R-91-PD Rescue Buoyancy Compensating Device (BCD); the R-92-A Rescue Harness with "quick ejector" adjustable leg straps; the R-92-C Rescue Harness, which is a step-in model (adjustable locking sliders on the leg straps).  The R-92 harness integrates with the R-91-PD or can be used independently for high angle, rappelling, or helo insertion,

wet or dry.


DEW-500 DECK EXPOSURE WORK DRYSUIT for Light Deck Work, Sailing, Open Boat Use

and Ice Rescue (below)

KME manufactures a lighter, stock sized Surface Dry Suit called the DEW-500 (Deck Exposure Work suit), that may be used as an every day exposure suit or, if necessary, as a survival dry suit. Please note: The DEW Dry Suit IS NOT rated by the U. S, Coast Guard as a "Survival Suit" for several technical reasons, including the fact that the DEW comes in fitted sizes, not one-size-fits-all as is the "Survival Suit" requirement.

Another specialized use for DEW suits is for professional clam diggers in the Puget Sound clam beds in the winter (they use fishing waders in the summer, but these do not provide enough protection in winter).




A. DEW-500 is the light weight version, for those using the dry suit mainly as protection from the elements or with a chance of being swept over the side.

B. "Cover-all" design with waterproof zipper up the front from crotch to neck below chin for easy dressing in and out. The suit can also be ventilated by zipping down the front.

C. Dry suit type wrist seals with hook and loop adjustment so hands are bare for working (or using proper sized work or diving gloves).

D. "Wetsuit glove" up-side-down pockets on the chest to keep bare hands warm when in the water.

E. Boot Feet with boots sized to wearer for best traction and agility on deck.

F. Knee pads for added suit protection.

G. Roll up attached hood with detachable face protector for warmth in and out of water.

H. Optional "SOLIS" reflective tape on hood and/or arms and/or shoulders.

I. Optional choice of external pocket on thigh area of suit, several types to choose from.

The KME DEW Dry Suit is manufactured to the same strict specifications and standards as our diving dry suits and it will stand up to the rigors of every day hard use in tough marine working environments. To make the DEW series dry suits adaptable for more specialized working situations, most of the Options for KME Dry Suits can be ordered with your suit. KME will quote prices on special options to your specifications and/or requirements.