REPAIR PRICE LISTS: The following price lists show the most common repairs. KME will quote prices for many other types of work not listed.   Use the "Contact" button at the top , or the the "sales" e-mail address in the red line below to e-mail us, or call on our toll free number between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Pacific Time.


KME has been manufacturing high quality drysuits and fishing waders since 1984. During that time, we have also been doing repairs and alterations to all brands and types of drysuits, wetsuits, and waders. Initially KME started doing this for our warranties as well as a way to gauge the quality of our products against all others. As our reputation for repair work grew, we formed a dedicated Diving Suit Repair Department. One of the more notable diving suit repair projects done by KME was the refurbishing of all the original MK-V diving dresses used in the movie Men of Honor.


Neoprene Drysuits

TIME: Labor charge per hour, billable by the minute after 15 minute minimum
SR-410: Seal inside seams on most neoprene dry suits
(can be done only if no other material is on seams inside)
SR-420: Neck seal replacement, no attached hood
SR-421: Neck seal replacement with latex seal, on neoprene suits, first time (Note: After the first time latex seals have been installed on neoprene suits, shell suit prices apply.)
SR-425: Neck seal replacement with existing attached hood
SR-430: Neck seal replacement with a new attached hood
SR-440: Wrist seal replacement, standard or reversing (pair)
SR-442: Wrist seal replacement, latex on a neoprene suit, first time (each)
SR-445: Ankle seal replacement (pair)
SR-446: Ankle seal replacement, latex seals on neoprene suit, first time (each)
SR-448: Face seal replacement in KME hood (all others charged on time and material)
SR-450-B: Commercial knee pad replacement with ballistic nylon covering (pair)
SR-450: Knee pad replacement, regular size, rubber-coated (pair)
SR-451: Knee pad replacement, un-coated (pair)
SR-457: Elbow pad, replacement or installation (pair)
SR-460: Dry valve backing pad installation (each)
SR-462: Install dry valves (labor cost per set)
SR-465: Test and service dry suit valves (labor only; parts extra)
SR-470: "Turbo" boot replacement
SR-475: "D-Boot" (heavy deck sole) replacement
SR-477: "K-Boot" (molded rubber sole and sides) replacement
SR-479: "Lug-boot" (heavy molded rubber shell with "tractor tread" sole) replacement
SR-480: Waterproof zipper replacement — heavy duty zipper, 34 and 36 inches long
SR-485: Waterproof zipper replacement — standard zipper, 30 to 38 inches long
SR-490: Remove standard Uni-Zipper and patch hole to install back shoulder entry waterproof zipper (add cost for desired zipper grade above)
SR-491: Replace "new" (up the side then around the neck) or "old" style (down front & up back) Uni-Zipper
SR-600: Tank test drysuit for leaks
SR-650: Suit-washing charge, if suits are not clean when received (WA state law)
SR-715: Commercialize boots, after has been suit used
SR-800: Change valve positions, patch old holes (priced for 2 valves; 1/2 price for 1)
SR-449: Foam face seal part replacement in most full face masks
SR-441: Reversing neoprene wrist seals with protective fabric coated neoprene outer cover
SR-471: "Rock boot" type socks installed
RED LINE: Special rush repair (within 7 business days)

Hard-Hat and MK-V Dresses

MK-V-TIME: Labor charge per hour, billable by the half-hour
MK-V-TT: Tank test KME-6600, MK-V and other dresses
MK-V-IWS: Install MK-V black molded rubber wrist seals (each)
MK-V-IG: Replace breast plate gasket (for all hats)
MK-V-RTB: Replace boots or socks with "Turbo Boots" (pair)
CH/RUS-Z: Install back-entry zipper in 3-bolt hat dresses for easier donning (you will know why if you have one)
Will Quote

Pack Cloth, Crushed Neoprene or Tri-laminate Shell-type Drysuits

PSR-0421: Neck seal replacement, latex
PSR-0440: Wrist seal replacement, latex (each)
PSR-0442: Wrist seal replacement, latex (pair)
PSR-0471: Bootie replacement, latex (each)
PSR-0472: Ankle seal replacement, latex (each)
PSR-0474: Ankle seal replacement, latex (pair)
PSR-475: Full set wrist and ankle replacements, latex (4 seals)
PSR-476: Sock-type booties, latex (pair)
PSR-477-A: All seals replaced with ankle seals, latex
PSR-477-B: All seals replaced with booties, latex
PSR-0460: Tank-test for leaks
TIME: Labor charge per hour, billable by the minmute after 15 minute minimum
PSR-0480: Install 8" comfort/relief zipper
PSR-0411: Rubber tape around neck seal
PSR-0410: Rubber tape around wrist seal (each)
PSR-0485: Waterproof zipper replacement, same as old zipper, standard
PSR-0486: Replace front diagonal zipper in suit with urethane sealant on zipper inside

Rubber Shell-type Drysuits

RSR-0421: Neck seal replacement, latex (no hood)
RSR-0425: Neck seal replacement, latex  with old attached hood (if hood not damaged)
RSR-0431: Neck seal replacement, latex with new attached latex hood
RSR-0435: Hood replacement, latex


RSR-0441: "Sport" wrist seal replacement, latex (each)
RSR-0443: "Pro" wrist seal replacement, latex (each)
RSR-0471: "Sport" boot replacement (specify size)
RSR-0481: Zipper replacement, standard zipper, 36" or under opening (call for over)
RSR-0483: Zipper replacement, Heavy Duty 36" or under                  (call for over)
RSR-0460: Tank test suit for leaks
RSR-0462: Tire type patch applied over leak, small or med.   WILL QUOTE LARGER
RSR-0465: Add rubber tape around seals (each)
TIME: Labor charge per hour, billable by the half-hour
SR-0420: Preparation charge to replace seals on shell or rubber suits with new neoprene seals, each
Heavy duty seals now available — add $6.65 to prices above

Please specify latex seal sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) or supply us with your wrist or neck circumfence when ordering standard seals. Also indicate the type (neoprene or latex) you want installed if different than those on the suit when you send it in to KME.  Please note: Manchette latex wrist seals with dual thickness ("Viking" pro-style) only come in M/L size (fit 6.5" to 7.5" wrists)

Please supply neck and/or wrist measurements when ordering neoprene seals.


Zippers installed or replaced on jackets:

WSZ-1: Open (both ends top and bottom separate) jackets
WSZ-2: Closed (at the top or bottom) jackets
WSZ-3: Closed jacket with sewn tape over the seams          $195.10
WSZ-4: Closed jacket with iron on tape over seams          $171.20

                  NOTE:  Very often only the sider breaks.  KME can replace it for the low cost of a

                            WSZ-S Slider Kit and the labor cost to install the kit.  Usually 15 to 30 minutes.


Zippers installed or replaced on arms/legs:                         

WSZ-6: Glued then sewn seams (priced per each zipper)

WSZ-7: Sewn tape over seams (per each zipper)
WSZ-8: Iron on taped seams (per each zipper)              $151.30
WSZ-40: Zippers installed during some alterations; ask which alterations apply


WSA-6: Shorten arms or legs (Pair)   With NO finishing tape or sewing on ends
TIME: Labor charge per hour, by the minute with 15 minute minimum


WSZ-110: Heavy (#10) zipper for jackets or "Farmer John" pants (per inch)
WSZ-106: Standard (#6) zipper for arms/legs (per inch)
WSZ-16: Wetsuit zipper slider kit with ends (#6 or #10)
WSZ-M: Wetsuit zipper, open bottom & top, #10
WSZ-N: Wetsuit zipper, closed one end, #10


Neoprene Waders:

KMEW-S: Replace neoprene stocking foot (pair)*
KMEW-NR: Replace or install insulated rubber boot*
Will Quote
KMEW-T: Tank-test wader for leaks
KMEW-V: Replace damaged or worn out crotch diamond
TIME: Labor charge per hour, billed by the minute (15 min. minimum).

Fabric Shell Waders:

KMEW-S-S: Replace existing neoprene stocking feet (pair)*
KMEW-NR-S: Replace or install insulated rubber boot*
Will Quote
KMEW-T-S: Tank-test wader for leaks

*Please specify your shoe size for all stocking foot or rubber boot repairs.

Zipper Prices

   We sell waterproof zippers to the do-it-yourselfers.  KME also sells the proper adheasive for installing these waterproof zippers.  Contact us for prices and information.

KME will quote on other lengths or special types of water-proof zippers. We also sell wetsuit zippers.