KME Diving Suits, Inc. manufactures highest quality, tailor-made Drysuits, Custom Fishing and Hunting Waders, Lady's Custom Waders, Diving Hot Water Suits, and Diving Accessories. We manufacture 18 different drysuit models for Commercial, Professional Rescue, Military, Technical, and Sport diving, as well as diving accessories and suit maintenance/repair items. We also use our expertise working with neoprene, plastic, rubber and fabric to manufacture a wide variety of other items: gloves, harnesses, weight belts, chaffing pants, boots and coveralls, stock and custom-sized fishing and hunting waders, waterproof bags, kayak spray skirts and hatch covers to name a few. Whether you need the highest quality diving suit available or custom manufacturing for your special product, KME is the first place to call.

In addition to manufacturing, we have a full service Repair Department to handle repairs, alterations and customizations for Drysuit, Wetsuits, and Waders of all types (neoprene, tri-laminate, pack cloth & rubber) and from all manufacturers.

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